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Syd Chaton
Syd Chaton
Metal is life Amplified!! Metal confronts what we would rather ignore. It celebrates in what we often deny. In indulges in what we fear most. And that is why metal will always be a culture of outsiders.
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(via beverlyann)

This literally describes everything that I think and feel about my fiance <3

(via beverlyann)


Have you ever sat there and just thought for a moment, How did I ever meet someone like him.
Just sat there by yourself and thought really how lucky you are to have met such a man like him.
You think looking back how stupid you were saying ” I’ll never find anyone again” Ya know after that last relationship was over.
But that was not love at all.
Love is finding that one person who you could stare into their eyes all day long, Spend all day thinking about him, You just know when you have met that him.
That one you will always have unconditional love for.
The one you go to sleep at night thinking of and you could cry so hard, Just at the very thought of losing him, Although you shouldn’t think like that, it just crosses your mind from time to time and sends you crazy.
I’ve met him
And I know I just Know.

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